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Awash International Bank S.C. was established in November 1994 as the 1st private commercial bank in the new era of private banking in Ethiopia. It started operation in February 1995.

AIB is one of the fast growing private commercial bank in
Ethiopia in terms of :-

        Share holders base: Over 2310 shareholders

        Capital baseAuthorized: Birr 300 million (Represented by   300,000 ordinary shares of Birr 1000 par value)

        Subscribed: Birr 200 million

        Paid up: Birr 158.4 million

        Branch net-work: 35 branches (20 in Addis Ababa city and 15 in Administrative regions).   Branch network continues to expand.

        Customers: Serves over 260,000 customers. The number continues to grow.

        Employment Creation: Over 1,236 employees.

        Profitability: Recorded uninterrupted profitability in the past eleven years with an average annual return on equity of 21.7%.

        Recognition: Winner of Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce's, "Outstanding Enterprise Award" for exemplary performance in 1998.  Winner of a Gold Medal for excellence in business practice for the year 2004 by the Foundation For Excellence In Business Practice in Geneva, Switzerland.

Major Objectives

        To meet the needs of the emerging private sector for efficient and dependable banking services.

        To expand and diversify commercial banking services tailored to the growing needs of customers.

        To operate profitably and generate attractive return on equity.

        To contribute towards the economic and social development of Ethiopia and its people.

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